Saturday, December 6, 2014


Hello everyone!
Every year I make something new for our Christmas tree and I have adopted this tradition to give something to my friends so they can add a new ornament to their tree each year as well. 

This time I loved the idea of doing something with the clear ornaments they have at Michael's. I poured faux snow and a piece of three, just like I did last year, but this time I added gold dots to it and I think they look great!
I first tried with craft paint and didn't work, then I tried with a gold sharpie, but didn't like how the strokes of paint would show.  So I finally tried with a craft pen and I love how they look!  Then I put each ornament in a red box with green grass and added a lipgloss for my friends. They all loved it and I think they looked so cute! And some of these pretty boxes flew all the way to South America for the girls in my family.

You'll need:
- Clear ornaments
- Faux snow
- Gold Craft Pen
- Faux tree branches
- Ribbon
- Cardboard box (optional)
- Faux grass (optional)

Step 1: Make dots with craft pen on random places 

Step 2: Add faux snow

Or viceversa :)

Step 3: Add a piece of faux tree branch

Step 4: Add colorful ribbon

Step 5: Place some grass in the cardboard box, the ornament and a lipgloss

Hang it on your tree

Enjoy the view

And there you go, a super easy ornament that will make a great gift for friends, colleges, and every girl you know.  

Do you like to make new ornaments to your tree or do you prefer the ones that are ready to hang?  I'd love to hear what your ideas are!!

Thanks for reading!