Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I just love an organized space.  I became an organizer freak when I moved to NY and we lived in a tiny studio, every single inch count! And when the space is well organized and labeled even better!  That way you know exactly what file, drawer, box you need to get/open when you're looking for something specific. 
There are lots of nice options on the market.  I really love Bother Label Makers...

You can also print beautiful and fun labels for FREE here

Desk, drawer, storage, label, declutter, organize

Storage, shelf, basket, organize, label, declutter

Pantry, shelf, organize, label, storage, kitchen, declutter

Images 1/2 by Brother. 3/4/5 by Better Homes and Gardens

Do you like to label everything?  Do you have a special way to organize your spaces?  I would love to hear!  Send me an email!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Favorite Tools.... Vacuum

I’m always asked if there’s one tool you would get to clean your home what would it be?
My answer is a VACUUM!  I think that if you have a good vacuum you’ll have a lot done in cleaning.  Not just the floors but you can also vacuum sofas, corners, edges, baseboards, window sills, even mattresses, etc, etc.

It is important that they have enough power and attachments to do the details (corner, etc).

Here are my favorite ones...





I prefer a vacuum with bags versus bagless because it seems to keep the dust inside of it.  With bagless vacuums I feel dust gets in the air somehow.  Probably is not what really happens but I feel more comfortable with bag ones, except for the Dyson, that one will trap all dust and keep it all inside!

What’s your favorite vacuum?  Do you consider a good vacuum an important tool for cleaning?
Would love to hear from you!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Power of Green

When I first started in the Cleaning Business over 7 years ago my main concern was that the products worked.  After a while I felt that my skin was getting breakouts, I had terrible headaches almost everyday and  started to do some research.  I could not believe what I found on the internet.  Were all those ingredients that bad?  So I decided to test a few of the natural, non-toxic products  on the market and ended up with a TON of products under my sink.  I liked some and didn’t like others, some of them offered the Green I was looking for but didn’t do the right work.  It had to be a perfect combination of Safety and Power.  Was that too much to ask?  I kept looking and I was introduced to Shaklee , a company that specializes in Green, Non Toxic products.  When my friend Rebecca told me how to mixed the products I thought:  “ok, I’ve been the cleaning business for a long time and I don’t think this will actually work, but I’ll give it a try”.  And I’m so happy I did!  When my box o cleaning products arrived I mixed the concentrate as directed and could not believe my eyes… The products not only were safe, THEY WORKED!!!!!!
Then I decided to start a second business as Shaklee distributor and I’m really happy with it!  I feel confident in recommending them to my clients.  After all is my word I’m giving and I wouldn’t like people to think I’m saying something wrong or even worse… lying.
I have had my own cleaning company MB Green Cleaning for the last few years and I’m committed to educate as much people as I can the WHY they need to switch to Natural Cleaning Products.  It is not just a Trendy thing it’s a Health issue.

Today I start a new adventure with Tu Casa Blog.  I hope you find helpful information hear. I will provide info, tips and my own experience on cleaning and other home stuff!