Saturday, February 25, 2012

Favorite Tools.... Vacuum

I’m always asked if there’s one tool you would get to clean your home what would it be?
My answer is a VACUUM!  I think that if you have a good vacuum you’ll have a lot done in cleaning.  Not just the floors but you can also vacuum sofas, corners, edges, baseboards, window sills, even mattresses, etc, etc.

It is important that they have enough power and attachments to do the details (corner, etc).

Here are my favorite ones...





I prefer a vacuum with bags versus bagless because it seems to keep the dust inside of it.  With bagless vacuums I feel dust gets in the air somehow.  Probably is not what really happens but I feel more comfortable with bag ones, except for the Dyson, that one will trap all dust and keep it all inside!

What’s your favorite vacuum?  Do you consider a good vacuum an important tool for cleaning?
Would love to hear from you!


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