Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I just love an organized space.  I became an organizer freak when I moved to NY and we lived in a tiny studio, every single inch count! And when the space is well organized and labeled even better!  That way you know exactly what file, drawer, box you need to get/open when you're looking for something specific. 
There are lots of nice options on the market.  I really love Bother Label Makers...

You can also print beautiful and fun labels for FREE here

Desk, drawer, storage, label, declutter, organize

Storage, shelf, basket, organize, label, declutter

Pantry, shelf, organize, label, storage, kitchen, declutter

Images 1/2 by Brother. 3/4/5 by Better Homes and Gardens

Do you like to label everything?  Do you have a special way to organize your spaces?  I would love to hear!  Send me an email!


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