Saturday, March 3, 2012

Beautiful Spaces.... Home Offices

I'm always inspired by beautiful spaces. How cool this Home Offices are?

Look at this place. Love the baskets on top of the shelves, so stylish and you could store lots of things without making a mess. I also love that chair!
Tip:  Don't forget to lift baskets and dust top of the shelves. We usually tend to forget high top shelves.  If we do it regularly we don't need to spend a lot of time on them, a quick dust once a week and you're done!

Perfect Office Setup

Look at this gorgeous place. I love the clean look of white and pop of color (and the shiny floors!)
Tip:  Use a lint roller to clean lamp shades.  It will get all dust without damaging the fine fabric of shades.

Collaborative Space

I love the mix of bright pink and zebra print.
Tip: When cleaning soft surfaces like the tables below don't use abrasive cleaner. Actually, a soft microfiber cloth and water will do the work!

Two for One

Home Office, White Desk with Decorated Dresser

Same for this beautiful white cabinet, microfiber cloth and water.  Also, make sure you clean all finger prints you'll leave when opening mirrored doors.

Images by: 1,2 Better Homes and Gardens; 3 BHG Small Space; 4 Design Heaven

Tell me... How do you keep your Home Office?  Please send me some pictures, I would love to see!



  1. The first photo is one of my favorite home office inspirations! And thanks for the cleaning tips along the way :)

  2. Thanks Amelia! I love that home office too! The bookshelf and bins were my inspiration to my own home office :) Glad you liked cleaning tips on the way, I'll keep doing that!