Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Cleaning Part ll... Room by Room

Now that we got all our cleaning supplies, vacuum, mop, etc,  and we have figured out how we'll do it (all in one day or different tasks at different days) we are ready to start. Always start from top to bottom, if you have a 2nd floor start from there and from back to front of your house.   I always find helpful to start from the bathroom since this is probably the area that will need more work.

1. Start spraying bathroom cleaner and sprinkle baking soda (or Natural version of cream scrub or paste) on sink, bathtub/shower, toilet.
2. Scrub all areas, corners, edges, shower head, and rinse. When cleaning the toilet don't forget to wipe around and back of it.
3.  Clean inside medicine cabinets and cabinet under the sink.  Make sure you throw away everything that has expired or you no longer use as they are taking precious space. Use a small cup or container to gather small items such as nail clipper, twister, bobby pins, etc. Use small plastic bags for cotton balls, lady products, etc.
Do you keep hotel toiletries? I think is a good a idea to keep some just in case you run out of your own products but when you already have a full shoe box is probably time to sort out and give some away.
4.  Now is time to make your bathroom shine! Spray window cleaner on a microfiber cloth and clean mirror, polish faucets, shower door. For toilet use paper towel.
5. Vacuum and mop the floors and you're done!

Images via: House Beautiful

You can read more about how to clean bathrooms here.

1. Wash all sheets, duvet cover, and mattress pad in hot water.
2. Dust blinds.  Wash or Dry Clean drapes (before putting in washer machine make sure you read instructions as they might shrink).
3. Flip mattress if you can, if that is not possible you can vacuum the mattress on high.
4. Ever wonder why sheets on hotel rooms don't come out? Here's what you can do to keep it in place. Put fitted sheet and flat sheet on top, make sure the top part reaches the top part of your mattress, put blanket (if you use it) a little bit below the sheet so you can fold the flat sheet over it. Now put the sheet and blanket under the mattress like and fold the corner so it doesn't come off. Like it shows on this pictures.

How to make a bedHow to make a bed
Images via My Home Ideas

5. Clean headboards, if your bed has an upholstered headboard vacuum with attachments. Dust and polish the rest of furniture. Always from top to bottoms, pictures on walls first, etc,
6. Vacuum floors, with brush vacuum window sills and baseboards. If your bed is low and vacuum doesn't fit use dry swiffer to get dust.
7. Mop

Now you have your bathrooms and bedrooms done. Yay!!  We'll talk about Living/Dining area and Kitchen next so stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, do you spring clean your home?  What tips would you like to share with us? Let us know!


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