Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning... Room by Room

So we are almost ready with our Spring Cleaning and today we'll talk about Dining Room and Home Office.

Dining Room
Windows:  Wash or dry clean drapes according to instructions. Wash windows with a microfiber cloth and dish soap. Make sure you clean frames and window sills as well. You can learn more about cleaning windows here.
Tip: Never wash windows on a sunny day.  It will leave streaks.

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Baseboards:  Vacuum baseboards with brush. Wipe with damped microfiber cloth if needed.
Tip:  Clean spots with magic eraser sponge to make it look new!

Furniture:  Dust and polish furniture.  Make sure you use a cleaner that is not to oily because it will leave marks around.  Most of the time a Natural, Non-Toxic all purpose cleaner will do the work.
Tip:  Always clean from top to bottom, art wall and frames on the wall first, etc.

Home Office

Organize files making sure you keep only what you really need such as insurance policies, contracts, etc.
Clean bookshelves (and books). Empty pencil cup and get rid of pens don't work anymore.
And apply the same process we mentioned above for the rest of your office.

Image via The Decorista

Ok, my friends I believe we've finished Spring Cleaning our homes. It sure was a lot of work but the results are absolutely worthy :-)

Have a beautiful weekend!


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