Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Everyday items you can use as household cleaners

So we've talked how the best way to clean is with Natural, Non-Toxic cleaning products.  So I thought it good be good to know about some other 'Natural' options you may have not thought of.  

Club Soda:  Great as a window cleaner.  So if you run out of your regular window cleaner head to your refrigerator and get some club soda and voila!

Baking Soda:  The uses of Baking Soda are endless!  I think we've mentioned this before but it's worth to talk about it again.  Baking Soda is a fabulous scruber. You can use it in your bathroom to scrub your shower, sink, etc.  But it also works great to wash your pots and pans, best part: It doesn't scratch! So your safe.

Seltzer Water:  Great to clean carpet spots.  Pour a little seltzer water on the spot (please follow "little") leave it for few minutes while it bubbles and then dry with a white-clean cloth. 

White Vinager:  Pour some white vinager on cutting boards and leave it for few minutes.  It will disinfect and you'll feel comfortable cleaning it without adding any chemicals!

Cooking oil:  Got squeaky door that's driving you crazy? Get some cooking oil from your kitchen, damp a little on a cloth, rub the hinge, open/close door few times and no more noise!

Do you use an everyday item as a household cleaner?  Share your tips with us!


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