Tuesday, December 15, 2015

7 Days of Clean! {Day 2}

How to clean the Kitchen in 5 easy steps

It is important that you are prepared for all the cooking ahead. And as you know the kitchen is always the place where all guests end up :)

1. Clean the refrigerator. Remove items tray by tray, clean and put them back. Make sure you toss items that are expired.

2. Clean up the counters. You'll need as much space as possible so put away large items that your not using on a daily basis such as blenders!

3. Clean dishes, pots and pans as you cook and put them away immediately. Leave soaking if needed while you clean other areas. 

4. Clean up spills of stove and oven immediately before they dry and it's harder to remove.

5. Clean floors. No time to vacuum? No worries, swiffer the floors and clean up with a damp cloth

TIP: Add half cup of white vinegar on each load of dishwasher. It will leave your dishes sparkling and will remove odors from cooking

Make sure you come back tomorrow for the third day of the 7 Days of Clean series!

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PS: Due to a busy week, I had to change to only 7 Days of Clean.

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