Monday, August 6, 2012

How often should I clean my bathroom?

Cleaning the bathroom is probably the least pleasant chore in the house.  However it's what says most about ourselves.  I remember my mom used to say "If the bathroom is clean, the entire house will look clean".  So it's always been very important to me to keep this little space of my home as clean and tidy as I can.
Couple of months ago a posted about how to clean your bathroom, you can find the step by step here.
Some people clean their shower after each use, which I find great but we have to be very careful with those "After Shower" cleaners as they might contain lots of chemicals that are not good for you.  I think that giving your bathroom a deep clean once a week is great.  If you wait longer the grime and soap scums become very hard to remove and if you have a big family you might consider cleaning it even more often.

It is important that you keep your bathroom well ventilated.  Unfortunately most bathroom in the city don't have a window which the best way to give a good ventilation.  In that case maintain the vent (which is usually either on the ceiling or near the shower) clean and don't let dust accumulate because it won't let the air flow.  Turn the vent on and leave it on for few minutes after you finished. Leave door slightly open to allow air circulate.
Shower curtain can also accumulate mold so it's important that you clean it on a regular basis.  Hopefully dry it after each shower.  But we all know that's almost impossible to do so just make sure you put it back in the right position in order to air dry properly.  They can also go in the washer machine, put them in hot cycle and add some baking soda and vinegar to kill germs and then hang them in the rod to air dry.

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Prevention is the key and ventilation is the best way to prevent mildew.  And if you have the right products to disinfect when you clean it will help.  Try to choose a bathroom cleaner that disinfects, I like this one which is a germicide and it's safe for you.  If you can't find one that you like white vinegar will do the job.  Just make sure you rinse it and dry it properly to avoid the smell.

So, how often do you clean your bathroom?

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  1. Hello, Marcela. For me, I regularly clean my bathroom twice a week. This is very important for me because I don't want moisture to set in and see mold thrive inside my bathroom. These are the most common problem many people usually have, and it's actually dangerous to our health.
    - Diane Blackburn