Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hello everyone!  Hope you all are having a nice week so far!  It has been a crazy week for me, with work and holidays approaching faster than ever it's been hard to keep up!  We also have a December birthday at home and for those of you have have a family member turning years during this month will know what I'm talking about, crazy!!  My daughter is turning 10 tomorrow and we had a little gathering for her last Friday.  It was really cute to see the girls play, talk and laugh!  Here are some pictures of her party.

She wanted to have a Mustache theme, I didn't realize it was all over but no time to order on Etsy so I cut out some myself...

I got a mustache stamp and ink and did the napkins, put and adhesive letter on a paper cup to seat the girls and tied the utensils with matching ribbon...

I thought that if I had the girls seated for dinner things would't get too crazy... I'm not sure if it worked :)

The 'table runner' is actually gift wrapping paper from Paper Presentation

We also had a little snack table with cookies, cheese, chips and juice...

I think it turned out really nice and the girls had lots of fun!!

Now let's focus back on Christmas!
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