Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cleaning the house: {10 Essential Cleaning Tools}

A question I get a lot is What are the best tools to clean?  Over the years in the business I've got my list of essential tools every home owner (or renter) should have.
So here are my 10 Cleaning Essential tools I can't live without:

1. Spray Bottles and Shaklee Basic H2:  Making your own solutions from an organic concentrate product is not only healthy for your home but also for the planet.  Hundreds of plastic bottles are saved from going to landfills.

2. Microfiber Cloths: You can use them dry to dust or damped to clean virtually every where in your home.  You will use much less paper towels which will save you money as well!

3. Sponges:  A sponge with a hard/scrub side is great to get rid of soap scum from bath tub and bath in general.  I personally have two different sponges for the bathroom, one of them is cut on one corner to use exclusively on toilet.

4. BonAmi:  Great for scrubbing and hard work without the chemicals of traditional powder cleansers.  Best part?  It's only $1.19.- can't beat that!

5. Gloves:  Cleaning the house requires a lot of washing, which will destroy that nice manicure you just got last weekend.  Using cleaning gloves will help to protect your hands.

6. Magic Eraser: I really love what this little thing can do.  You only have to add water and will get rid of every tough dirt on wall, shower glass doors, etc.

7. Swiffer:  Get to those hard to reach places, especially where the vacuum can't get to such as under furniture, cobwebs, etc.

8. Mop:  My favorite one is this one from Bona.  It won't wet your hardwood floors as much as the old fashion style.  I like that the microfiber cloth is washable and the cartridge refillable.

9. Paper towel:  Although I like to use microfiber for general cleaning I still stick to some paper towel when cleaning the bathroom, just for hygiene reasons :)  I like Bounty Select a Size because you can choose to get just a tiny piece for small areas.

10. Vacuum:  Last but definitely not least is the most important cleaning tool of all... the Vacuum!  I always recommend my clients to get a vacuum no matter what kind of floors they have.  If you have carpets a good vacuum is key to get them properly cleaned, however if you have hard floors this is a huge help to avoid dust going on the air after using a regular broom.
My favorite one are Miele and Dyson Animal.

And there they are my 10 Essential cleaning tools I can not live without.  Do you have a favorite tool?  I would love to hear what you guys use to clean your homes!

Thanks for reading!



  1. I still use the awesome cleaner you gave me!! Love!

    1. Hi Michaela! I'm so glad you're using it, I really love how so little can go so far :)
      Hope you're having a great summer!

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  4. Being an oven cleaner working at Expert Oven Cleaning I cannot do without Spray Bottles, Microfiber Cloths and Gloves. These are really essential tools for me in oven cleaning. I cannot see how I could go without them, as simple as they may seem.

  5. Marcela, I love these microfiber cloths you recommend! Everyone should have at least 20 of them and ditch the paper towels!

    I use them when I clean my kitchen sink (I wrote that post) and I love them. Thanks for the great post!

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