Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Taking care of Lucite

Lately I've seen more and more furniture, accessories made of plastic/acrylic or Lucite.  I have to say that I LOVE them!  They look so pretty and are perfect for small spaces as they don't take a lot of visual space ;)
But the question is How do we clean those beauties?  Let's start with what you should NEVER do!

- Don't use abrasive/scrub sponges even if it's really dirty. It will scratch!
- Don't use any kind of spray cleaner such as Windex or Fantastik.  It will make them look foggy.
- Don't use paper towels.  Since they are made of wood they might have some tiny particles and scratch them.

Via 100 Layer Cake

dining room

white dining room with blue and green rug

Via The Decorista

Via Made by Girl

living rooms - CB2 Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table blue velvet sectional pink velvet pillows zebra  Great Girls Lounge Inspiration.   blue velvet
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Via cb2

Instead try these easy steps:

1. The best and easiest way to clean a Lucite is to wipe them with a clean microfiber cloth and mild dish soap.  Just make sure the cloth is clean and you haven't just dusted other furniture.  The reason is that they might trap tiny particles that will scratch.

2. If they already look a little foggy you can try this commercial cleaner.  It works great and it's non-toxic (my favorite combination works/safe).

3. If they are a little scratched you can try this other cleaner which has a great 3 step-kit. The #1 will clean and shine. #2 will get rid of fine scratches and #3 will get rid of heavy scratches.

Do you have a Lucite at home?  How do you take care of it??


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