Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Cleaning: Bedrooms

Hello my friends!
We continue deep-cleaning our home this week and today we'll do the bedroom!  Again, we are having another nice tip from Architect, Interior Designer and Feng Shui Consultant, my friend Anjie Cho.  
So let's get started!
When cleaning any space of your home, always do from top to bottom and bedroom is not the exception.  

1. Windows:  Wash windows with a microfiber cloth using water and dish soap, this works much faster than window cleaner and paper towel.

2. Blinds:  Close your blinds and clean with a dry cloth (or swiffer) in the same direction the blades are.  You can also use an old clean sock and do one by one.

3. Drapes:  Make sure you read the instructions before putting them in the washer/dryer.  Some of them are strictly "Dry cleaning only".

4. Clean walls:  Yes... we should clean our walls too!  You will be amazed at how much dust walls accumulate.  Take your pictures and frames down and with the help of a swiffer and a dry cloth clean starting from the top at the edge where the walls meets with celling.

5. Bed:  Wash all sheets, duvet cover and mattress pad in hot water.
Ever wonder why sheets in hotel rooms don't get messy at the bottom?  To do it hotel style, make sure you tuck the bottom of your sheets first and then the sides.  Like the pictures below.

How to make a bedHow to make a bed
{my home ideas}

6. Mattress:  We should flip the mattress at least once a year.  If you are by yourself and can't do it, vacuum the mattress with the upholstery vacuum accessory.

7. Pillows:  It is recommended to wash your pillows once or twice a year.  Check the washing instruction and make sure if they are down or synthetic.  For down you should dry them in high temperature; for synthetic, medium is better as high temperature might burn the inside.  Make sure they are completely dry as damped insert might cause mold.
You can also skip the wash cycle and just put them in the dryer.  The heat will kill germs and bacteria.
Tip:  Put a couple of tennis balls in the dryer to make them fluffy again!

8. Headboards:  Vacuum upholstered headboard with vacuum accessories.   With a damped cloth wipe down wood headboard and bed frame.

9. Vacuum:  With the help of vacuum brush clean baseboards and window sills and finally vacuum all floors making sure you move chairs, shoes from closets, everything you might have under your bed.  Even if you have wood floor vacuum is always better than broom.
Finally mop all your floors.

Anjie's Feng Shui tip is for bedrooms:
Our bedrooms are tied closely to our personal energy because we spend a lot of passive time in the bedroom sleeping.  So, while you're spring cleaning, don't forget to clean underneath the bed!  Clutter under the bed symbolizes subconscious blocks in your personal life and relationships.  This is an ideal time to re-organize and clear out any clutter and anything you haven't used in the last three years.  Also make sure that if you must have storage under the bed, everything should be soft and bed related.

Thank you for that great tip Anjie!
How about you ladies, Do you keep storage under your bed?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Love these tips!

    When we lived in a smaller apartment, I stored bed linens in plastic containers under our bed. Now that we're in a bigger place I'm happy to have a cabinet to store them in. Keeping things off the floor makes it so much easier to vacuum up dust bunnies.