Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring cleaning: Kitchen

Hello everyone!
Today we'll take care of our kitchen.  I recently reorganized my pantry and let me tell you it feel so nice to know exactly what you have and find it when you need it!  You can find the whole process here and here.
And today my friend Anjie Cho is visiting again for another cool Feng Sui tip!

The kitchen is the place with most traffic in the house and therefore the one that gets dirty more easily.  You will want to make sure your countertops are disinfected as well as floors. 

1. Oven:  You can make a paste of baking soda and vinegar, apply to oven and let it do its work while you work on the rest of the kitchen.  Want to try something stronger in the oven?  Then you will love this paste, the only natural product I've found that actually works.  It is truly amazing!

2.  Refrigerator:  Make sure you throw away everything that's expired or you can't recall when you bought it (it's probably expired). Take all items out and wash trays and drawers with dish soap and warm water. 

3. Microwave: Put a microwave safe bowl with water and lemon and boil it for about 2-3 minutes, leave it for a few min after.  The steam will loose dirt and dry food. Then wash inside (sides and top) with sponge or microfiber cloth and little dish soap.  Wash the plate with dish soap and warm water.

4. Dishwasher:  Never wonder why the dishwasher smells weird?  Washing the dishwasher is probably something we never thought of doing.  It is very important that you keep your dishwasher clean because rest of food get trap in crevices making that weird smell and even worse, sometimes mildew.  Wipe the bottom with a soft sponge or microfiber cloth, you can even scrub it a little with baking soda.  Then pour a cup of vinegar at the bottom and run it on regular cycle.

5. Cabinets: Clean outside of your cabinets with a damped microfiber cloth and dish soap.  Wipe down or wash silverware tray as this tends to get a little dirty.

6. Small appliances:  Run the coffee maker with clean water only as if you were making coffee.  Clean the tray of your toaster, usually this is removable so it's easier to wash it with dish soap and warm water.  Also clean the tray of the toaster oven and rack the same way you would clean the regular oven.

7. Counter Tops:  Use a microfiber cloth or sponge with dish soap or degreaser to clean counters, don't forget to wipe under and behind appliances.  Make sure you don't use any abrasive or acid cleaner on marble as this will ruin it.  I posted about cleaning countertops here if you would like to get a detailed info on different surfaces.  

8. Vacuum and mop and you're all done!  Once in a while I like to wash my floors with vinegar to disinfect them.  Once it's dry the smell of vinegar is gone :)
Classic Subway Tile

Anjie's Feng Shui tip for kitchen:
What's your favorite burner on your stove?  Mine is located in front, on the right.  In Feng Shui, the stove is very important in your home.  It represents wealth and how we nourish ourselves in the world.  so next time you use a burner, try using a different one.  Don't automatically go for your favorite one.  Instead, open up your opportunities and try something different.  Also, be sure to keep your stove clean, and use it at least once every day.

Recycled Shells

How did you like Anjie's tip?!  I love it!  I keep using the same burner over and over,  I'll make sure I use the others as well :)  You can get more tips from Anjie over at Holistic Spaces.

Do you keep your stove clean all the time?  What's the hardest part of keeping up with your kitchen? Let us know!!

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  1. My cupboard is a hot mess! I wish I had matching containers like the ones in the picture. Maybe one day. *sigh*

    Just wanna say, mixing vinegar and baking soda neutralizes both and makes it ineffective for cleaning. Try a paste of just water and baking soda. I blogged about it here

    Anyhow, I found you via Anjie's blog. I love your blog too and all your tips. KIT!

  2. Your pantry looks so organised. I love how you have everything in clear containers and labeled up. On my next day off I am totally going to do this in my pantry, my husband will be amazed.

    On another note. That is one heck of a clean oven. Did you do that? or did you have it cleaned by someone? Mine is a bit of a state and I am considering paying Oven Cleaner Sheffield to do it.Unless I can find a good guide on how to do myself. Or maybe I will order some of that oven paste that you recommended!