Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring cleaning: Living areas + Home Office

Hello everyone!
Today we'll finish our spring cleaning with all shared areas of our home + home-office.

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As we talked last time, we should always clean from top to bottom and on this areas we'll apply the same system for dusting, washing windows and cleaning walls as we did in our bedrooms.

Walls:  As we saw before, it is very important to clean your walls as well.  Start from corners and edges with the help of a pole and microfiber cloth to remove dust, etc.
Also, clean all picture frames.

Ceiling fan:  With a microfiber cloth and a little dish soap.  With the help of a sturdy step ladder make sure you clean the top of every blade.

Windows:  Never wash windows on a sunny day.  The sun will dry the liquid before you even start wiping and that will leave streaks.

Couches:  Vacuum cushions and under cushions too!  You'll find all sorts of items such as cereal, cookie crumbs, oh and those keys you couldn't find for the last few week?  Found them!
Tip:  Check cleaning/washing instructions of slipcovers, many of them are washable.  Please note that if they are washable they might shrink if you put them in the dryer so to play safe, air dry them :)

Home Office
The same system above applies for home-office.  If you want to go beyond cleaning surfaces this is a great time to organize your files.  Make sure you keep only what you really need such as insurance policies, contracts, agreement letters, etc.

eclectic home office by Susan Hopkins at least three different shades of white
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Anjie's Feng Shui tip for living areas
Make sure all your windows are really clean!  The windows represent the eyes of the inhabitants.  If they are dirty and cloudy, take special care to wash them well, the inside and outside.  Make sure the frames are in good repair so you can open and close them easily.  In Feng Shui, the windows should be clear and easy open, so you can feel seen and heard as well as nourished.

Thanks Anjie for that great tip!  Please make sure you visit Anjie's Holistic Spaces for more great tips!

And what about you, do you have a favorite spring cleaning tip?  Please share yours with us!

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