Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Skin Care

When I was a teenager I loved getting a sun tan.  I did not know about SPF.  In fact the lower the number the better for me because it meant that I would get a nice gold tan on my face.  Truth is after a day on the beach my skin would look like a cooked lobster and my legs never got that gold tan.
Fortunately that craziness quickly disappeared. I mean, what was I thinking!  And in my early twenties I got really conscious about skin care.  Today I do not go out without SPF no matter what day of the year is or if it's raining or shining.   Skin care is an investment not a luxury.  Here are my favorite products I use day after day.

Enfuselle from Shaklee is one of my favorite products.  I have a very sensitive skin and since all of their ingredients are pure and natural they work wonders on me.

Step 1.  Cleanse (ALWAYS)
First I clean my face in the shower.  Morning and night.  I just can not go to bed with my make up on.  I have done this since I starting wearing make up and today I can not finish my day without doing it, no matter how late it is I have to wash my make up off.  Am I crazy about this?
This cleanser is great because is creamy and doesn't dry my skin.
Step 2.  Eye Cream
This is truly amazing.

{Enfuselle Eye Treatment}

Step 3.  Moisturizer
This moisturizer has SPF 15 which is just fine for me during the winter.

However during the summer time I need something a little longer and now I've been using Aveeno Smart Essentials with SPF 30 and love it!

And for the night this one or this Aveeno Night time.

Step 4.  Neck
Since I was very young I would spread my moisturizer to my neck as well.  But I've recently discover this amazing product that I'm in love with.

When I told my regimen to my friend she said she would be tired on step 2, ha! It really isn't that complicated, once you get used to it it all comes naturally and very easily.
What is your skin care regimen?  How many of you ladies take your make up off before going to bed?

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