Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ready, set, clean!

As the holidays get closer it seems the days are shorter to keep up with everything!  And cleaning the house is not exactly on top of priority to spend your precious time in. You know you can always call MB Green Cleaning to go to the rescue :) 
But just in case here are a few tips to prepare your home when expecting guests.

1. Organize. Put everything where it belongs, toys, coats, work paper, shoes, etc end up all over your home so put them in the right place. Pay special attention to the entrance, first impression counts!
2. Kitchen: Clean up the kitchen countertops and leave only what you'll need while entertaining.  Run dishwasher and put away clean dishes so that way you can load dirty dishes as the dinner starts and you won't end up with a huge pile in the sink. A quick clean with vinegar and will be as shine as it is clean!

3. Give a quick clean of the spaces where guests will be dining and living room. Add a few flower vases and voila!

4. Give a quick clean of guest bathroom. No need to scrub the bathtub but the toilet bowl and sink will need to sparkle! Clean the mirror, and make faucet shine with window cleaner or all purpose cleaner.

White vanity + gold pulls

5. A quick vacuuming or dusting the floors will help to clear up and open the space.

6. Nothing like a fresh holiday scent to welcome guests!  A nice candle or a few pine cones will do the trick!

And that's it ladies! Your home is ready to welcome your friends and family. 
Now I would love to hear what are your tips to give a quick clean up when having guests?

Thanks for reading!


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