Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to clean your Dishwasher…

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Before being in the cleaning business it never occurred to me to clean some items around the house.  
After questioning myself if we should clean machines that are suppose to wash I've learned a few things, like you MUST wash your dishwasher and now it is a regular part of my cleaning routine.You see, often we take these machines for granted, thinking they do the job so why should we even bother, right? But the truth is that they build up dirt, food from dishes, minerals of water, etc, food and dirt gets stuck in every crevice of it making it not only unsafe for our health but also not performing at their best and leaving dishes dirty after each cycle.

Washing a dishwasher is a very simple process, just make a paste of baking soda and water and with the help of a sponge and a brush you can start scrubbing. Sometimes it requires a little more elbow grease depending on how dirty it is. 

I like to pour some vinegar in the detergent compartment to use while brushing.

Using a brush will help you to get to hard-to-reach places like this…

You can also use a toothpick for even harder-to reach places…
And don't forget the utensil container…
Also, the corners of door…
Add a cup of white vinegar on the bottom and run it on the hottest cycle. I also like to pour more vinegar in the detergent container to give a little extra when it opens during the cycle.

And here you go to a fresh clean dishwasher ready to to its job!

How about you… Do you have a different process to clean your dishwasher?  We all would love to hear from you!

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