Wednesday, October 29, 2014

{very} Easy Halloween Project…

When my daughter was younger we used to DIY something together during the holidays and bring it to school so she would give it to her friends.  So every year during Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc it meant craft time!  But since she is no longer a little girl and as she point it out she's now almost a tween that means no more craft to bring to school.
I love crafting/diy so much that I asked her if she would help me to make some Halloween candy boxes and give it to my team, so they can bring it to their kids this Friday! So we headed it to Michael's and grabbed a few items.

They had this pre-cut boxes, they were even pre-folded!

It was a very easy project, just assemble the pre-cut/pre-folded boxes, wrap the the pre-cut/pre-folded black paper and add the pictures and that's it. Then just fill it with candies!!
I think they look really cute and I'm hoping the kids will be happy when they receive this little boxes full of yummy candies.

Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!!!

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