Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Organizing Christmas Decorations: Part 2

Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a great week so far!  I finally put my tree away on Sunday, so sad to let it go!

As I mentioned before I usually put ornaments in ziploc bags and sort them by color so that way I know exactly what is inside and how much I have... I've been tempted to leave them in their original packages but found they take too much space...

By accident, last year I bought Net-Style lights, at first I didn't like them but when it was time to put them away I loved them, just fold the net and put back in the original boxes!

I put everything that has to do with our Christmas tree in one box: ornaments, lights, tree skirt, etc. So that way, next Christmas I can grab this one box and start decorating our tree...

And I got other boxes for specific items.  One for Decorating-not tree related-items, table runners, etc...

 Another one for Presents: all sorts of tissue paper, ribbon, bags, etc...

 And one for Crafts: punch holes, glue, glitter, felt and everything to make pretty things...

And we are ready to put away in shelves.
'Til next time babies!!

Do you have a system to store your Christmas items?  Share yours with us!!

Thanks for reading!


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