Friday, January 11, 2013


I saw these beautiful trays at a thrift store and loved them!  They were in great condition except they were very tarnish.

This was the condition I found them...

So I decided to give a try to some silver polishers and see which would work best...

I had to scrub a little on some more with certain products.  Let's see what happened:

1. Wright's Silver Cream:  I loved the way it works.  It comes with a sponge and is super easy to use.  Doesn't smell bad at all.

2. Eco's Earth Friendly:  This was surprisingly good!  I love the fact that is "green" and worked super fast. not much scrubbing, just a add some cream on a soft cloth and apply to the tray, rinse and voila!

3. Goddard's Silver Polish:  I have to admit that I was disappointed on this one.  I honestly thought this would be the easiest to work with and was just the opposite.  It required a lot of work and it smells so strong!

And this is the final result...

My conclusion:  The three cleaners did the job I was looking for, my trays look shiny and beautiful! But some of them took longer to get the jobe done and some were very strong and didn't smell good.

And the winner is...
This was absolutely my favorite, it has the two things I look for on a cleaner, Eco Friendly and Works and it smells soooo nice!!
I have to say that Wright's Silver Cream worked fantastic too, I would definitely choose that one too :)

Do you have a special way to clean your silver?  Please share your trick with us!

Thanks for reading!


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