Monday, May 6, 2013


For as long as I can remember, my daughter has been asking for a dog and for as long as I can remember my answer has always been no.
My poor little girl even wrote a poem about it when she was three years-old:
"When will I be old enough
to have a pet I like!"

Every time I thought of having a dog I would only see the dark side:
It's too much work
I don't want to walk him
I don't want fur on much couch
I don't want him to pee or poop on the floor
I don't want the smell of a dog in my apt
etc, etc, etc

But my husband and daughter decided they would get a dog weather I liked it or not.
And one Saturday morning they went out to pick up Nacho.

I tried to stay away of the dog responsibility for the first couple of days and pretend I didn't care, but I could not resist any more.  Nacho was just too cute and funny and sweet!  I caught myself coming home one evening and screaming "where's my baby, where's my baby!!!" and that was it.
My husband and daughter looked at each other and could not control their laugh.

Here walking on the park and still trying to decide how to style his outfit :)

I am really SO happy that we got this cute little guy. It has given us laughter, joy, happiness.  I will not lie to you that it is a lot of work, and I don't love to clean after him while we're potty training and that I have to mop our floors pretty much every other day BUT the joy he gives us is totally worth it!

Do you have a pet?  Have ever consider getting one?

Thanks for reading!

(and Nacho :)


  1. I totally understand. I don't have pets because they are so much work and with 3 kids in the house I just don't want to create any more work for myself. How could you not fall in love with him though. He is absolutely adorable!

    1. Thank you Angie, he is really adorable! I get it though, with three kids it's hard!

  2. Nacho is totally adorable! My fur baby is a cat named Lucy.