Monday, May 20, 2013


Hello everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend!
After a few days of nice warm weather here in NYC it suddenly got a little chilly and it rained all day on Sunday.  I did not expect that!  I got spoiled so yesterday I felt cold. 
I think that a great way to get over this chilly without getting bulky is a nice scarf.  I love scarves!  They can really make an outfit.  Here are some beautiful scarves to have handy if the weather goes down again :)

Love the colors on this one...
Multi-stripe scarf

Ideal for all outfits...
Heritage Striped Linen-Cotton Scarf

Really keeping an eye on this one!
Printed linen scarf

Love a pop of color...
AEO Embroidered Scarf - Take 40% Off

Playful pattern and color combo...

Delicate embroidered...
Market Tassel Scarf

Dreaming on this...

I think scarves are perfect for Spring, don't you agree?  Do you like to wear them?

Thanks for reading and have a great week!!


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