Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Hello everyone! Hope you all having a great week so far!  

This past weekend I went to my local Target store and I found a GREAT selection of Nate Berkus items.  He is just sooo good (in every way :)  His designs are so perfect and never disappoints. I really wanted to see in person this faux fur stool but they didn't have it.  Everything else I saw I wanted to take home. I had to make a huge effort to control myself and not make my bank account explode.  I ended up being reasonable and come home, see what I really need and make a final decision of my purchase.  To be honest with you I don't exactly need anything, but wanting is enough reason, wouldn't you agree? Below are some of my favorite items…

Nate Berkus™ Black and Gold Accent Table Nate Berkus™ Laurel Leaf Bowl Nate Berkus™ Painted Stripe Vase 12"
 Nate Berkus™ Gold Facet Vase 7.8" Nate Berkus™ Faux Fur Stool Nate Berkus™ Ivory Velvet Applique Pillow

Nate Berkus™ Black and Gold Facet Lamp Base - Includes CFL Bulb Nate Berkus™ Printed Woven Storage Bin Nate Berkus™ Studded Wall Mirror
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Having a hard decision here… Which one is your favorite?  

Thanks for reading!


PS: This is NOT a paid post. I just love Target and love even more Nate Berkus :)

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