Friday, March 29, 2013

How to pack {on your way back}

Hello everyone!  Please forgive me for the absence, I was away for a few days and didn't have the chance to post.   
 We visited Washington DC for couple of days and let me tell you I LOVED it! It was my first time there and I hope there will be many more!

There are many articles out there about how to pack for your trip, and I love their tips. I usually start checking the weather of the place we're visiting, make a list of things we need, and plan one outfit per day. 


When we travel we always carry two suitcases, one regular size for my husband and me and a small one for my daughter, like the ones you can carry on a plane.  So all our clothes go in the big one and hers in the small one.  She loves to pack her own suitcase. 
Mint Vintage suitcases

On our way back we do it a little different.  Since most of our clothes are dirty we put it all together in the big suitcase and our clean clothes in the small one so that way unpacking is easy-easy.  Just open the big suitcase and put everything in the hamper and have it ready to wash.  Then I get the small one and put all our items back in the drawers.  This is always very little with some items we got on the trip and few other items like make up, jewelry, etc.  Shoes go in the big one with dirty clothes and just to play safe I put them individually in plastic bags.

well now i'm all wanting to travel.

If you carry only one suitcase, which is what I used to do before husband and daughter, you can put all your dirty clothes at the bottom then cover everything with a plastic bag or a shopping bag and then place your clean clothes on top.  Most of the suitcases have a division in between so that might make it easier.
Like this photo if you always unpack your suitcase when you stay in a hotel #travel #hotel #suitcase

And that's how I pack back home.  I wish I had taken some pictures but it didn't occur to me until later, when everything was back in its place :)

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!!

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  1. Great tips! And Washington DC?! How fun! I'm going there this summer (or early Fall) and I can't wait!!

    1. Thanks Michaela, glad you liked the tips! How fun you're going to DC too, I really loved it!